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SAFE 65 Full Cabin – Inboard

Ideal for longer missions and heavier seas

The SAFE Full Cabin – Inboard is our diesel jet boat. It features a wide beam design for solid performance in heavy seas, and a spacious, climate-controlled cabin for crew comfort and safety. The Full Cabin – Inboard’s design makes it capable of conducting patrols and search and rescue (SAR) operations not only in calmer, shallower seas, but also in offshore and big surf conditions. The hull design enables it to perform like a much smaller, traditionally more maneuverable platform.

Full Cabin – Inboard Standard Models

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  • Length Overall (LOA) (Feet): 66′-6″
  • Length Overall (Meters): 20.3
  • Top Speed (Knots): 36
  • Max Range (NM): 350 @ 28 knots
  • Fuel Cap (gal): 2,000
  • Beam Overall (BOA) (Feet) includes collar: 16′-5″
  • Beam Overall (Meters) includes collar: 5
  • Deadrise at Transom (Degrees): 22
  • Max HP/kW: 3200/2386
  • Fuel Capacity (Gallons/Liters): 2000/7571
  • Potable Water Capacity (Gallons/Liters): 100/379
  • Grey Water Capacity (Gallons/Liters): 50/189
  • Black Water Capacity (Gallons/Liters): 50/189
  • Max Carrying Capacity (Pounds/Kilograms): 25,000/11,340
  • Stability: meets single compartment intact and damaged requirements

Load Configurations

  •  Light Ship (Pounds/Metric Tons): 68,000/30.1
    (vessel, standard engines, no fuel, light options, no liquids, no people, no cargo, approximate)
  • Draft at Light Ship (Feet/Meters): 2’–11”/0.87
  • Service Ready (Pounds/Metric Tons): 86,000/39
    (light ship plus full fuel, potable water and entrained fluids, no people or cargo)
  • Draft at Service Ready (Feet/Meters): 3’–4”/1
  • Half Capacity Load (Pounds/Metric tons): 81,000/37
  • Full Capacity Load (Pounds/Metric Tons): 93,000/42
  • Draft at Half Capacity (Feet/Meter): 3’–2”/0.96
    Draft at Full Capacity (Feet/Meter): 3’–6”/1.06

Speed & Range

Estimates based upon MTU 1600 BHP at 2300 RPM engines and Hamilton HM521 Waterjets. Vessel in 3 foot waves (0.9 meters) and a power reduction due to potential environmental conditions. Range is based on leaving a 10% reserve in the tank.

  • Half Capacity Maximum Speed (Knots): 42+
  • Half Capacity Cruise Speed (Knots): 30
  • Half Capacity Range at Cruise Speed (Nautical Miles): 400
  • Full Capacity Maximum Speed (Knots): 36+
  • Full Capacity Cruise Speed (Knots): 28
  • Full Capacity Range at Cruise Speed (Nautical Miles): 350

All specifications and standard features are subject to change. Not all options are available on all models. Please contact SAFE Sales Department for details.

Hull & Deck

  • Aluminum 5086 external and internal plate schedule
  • Designed to ABS high speed craft structural requirements
  • Four (4) subdivided water-tight compartments with one (1) bulkhead water-tight doors
  • Hydro pressure and leak tested fuel tanks
  • Reinforced keel beaching plate
  • Engine room ventilation air towers along outboard side decks over engine space and aft of cabin
  • Fully welded performance spray strakes
  • Self-bailing weather decks
  • Jet guard and swim deck at transom
  • Bow eye integral with stem bar and bow structure designed for full load vessel towing
  • Bow storage/anchor locker with top access water-tight hatch
  • Dual engine room water-tight service patches for large component removal
  • Ten (10), 18” aluminum welded cleats
  • One (1), 10” aluminum welded cleat for anchor tie-off on forepeak
  • Sacrificial hull anode(s), four (4) on transom
  • Integral sea-chest with removable grates, top access service points, and multiple feed points for sea water systems
  • Railing outboard around engine room, on top of cuddy cabin, and at forepeak of deck

Pilot House

  • Aluminum 5086 construction designed to ABS high speed craft structural requirements
  • Raised cuddy extension forward with “Wave-Break” top structure
  • Windscreens forward leaning with wiper and washer systems, each independently controlled
  • Tinted spotter windows for optimum visibility
  • Dinette with bench seating aft-port side
  • Six (6) LED dome lights with individual on/off switches co-located with lights and master breaker on 24V breaker panel
  • Two (2) dedicated 16,000 BTU air-conditioners
  • Hydronic boiler provides hot water and additional waste heat provides 44,000 BTU defrosting & cabin heat
  • All windows in pilot house include fabric interior covers for additional tinting and or black-out
  • Aluminum hand-grab/rail system
  • Rooftop electronics arch, manually lowering with securing mechanisms
  • Port/starboard and aft hinged doors for exterior access
  • Escape/ventilation hatch on forward cuddy

Lower Cabin Configuration

  • Head located port-forward, with both hot/cold fresh water service
  • Manual flushing toilet with 50 gallon/189 liter holding tank
  • Galley located port, aft of head, with drawers, cabinets, sink, 2.3 cubic foot refrigerator, and microwave
  • Forward berth with two (2) cushioned bunks
  • Dinette starboard, L-shaped with table top and cushioned seating for eight (8) persons
  • Mid-ship berths port/starboard, sleeping accommodations with four (4) cushioned bunks
  • Three (3) dedicated 16,000 BTU air-conditioners (48,000 BTU total)
  • Heat strips integrated with air-handlers provide lower cabin heating

Fendering System

  • Collar, patented 100% foam SAFE XDR-1 with exterior sheath, separates at 3 locations for replacement (multiple colors available)

Coatings, Finish, Insulation

  • Roll-on non-skid decks and gunnels (color to match scheme)
  • Black or grey rubberized grip-tape on intended soft-touch surfaces
  • Interior carpeted headliner panels, divided for ease of removal (black or grey)
  • Interior carpeted house side panels, divided for ease of removal (black or grey)
  • Insulated floors, ceilings, cabin side-walls and bulkheads

Attachment Points & Anchor

  • Bow eye integral with stem, with three (3) pressed in stainless steel wear fittings
  • Stern eyes (port/starboard)
  • Anchor locker forward with water-tight hatch access from main deck
  • Bitter-end anchor line point integral with stem
  • 24V capstan on main deck with footswitch for anchor line

Electrical System & Power Generation

  • House battery system 24VDC – two (2) marine-grade batteries
  • Dedicated propulsion battery bank, 24VDC
  • Dedicated generator battery bank, 24VDC
  • Backlit switch panel with marine-grade switches
  • Twelve (12) 12VDC power receptacles located throughout vessel
  • 230VAC 50Hz or 110VAC 60Hz single phase system
  • One (1) 30kW 50Hz or 33kW 60Hz diesel generator, raw water cooled
  • Two (2) 220V shore-power inlets per side of vessel, four (4) total, for ease of docking
  • Eight (8) VAC-protected outlets throughout the vessel


  • LED navigation lights (running, mast light forward, stern light aft, and at anchor 360° white)
  • Independently controlled interior/exterior dimmable LED walkway courtesy lights
  • Independently controlled red/white LED overhead lighting per compartment with switches located at compartment entry points or co-located with the lights
  • Engine room LED compartment lighting with switch located at entrance points

Electronics, Navigation & Communication

  • Dual trumpet navigation horn

Safety, Rescue & Diving Equipment

  • Six (6) dry-chemical fire extinguishers located throughout the vessel
  • Stainless steel life ring mount
  • Engine room dedicated automatic fire suppression system with control and alarm at helm
  • Four (4), compartment-dedicated bilge systems in lowest point of bilge; each pump has 3700 gallons per hour capacity with dedicated “High Water Alarm”
  • Integrated compartment CO detection with safety shut down controller
  • One (1) EPIRB Cat-2, 406 MHz

Fuel System

  • 2000-gallon capacity diesel integral fuel tanks
  • Tank vents with trapped check valves above deck
  • Tank space independently powered ventilation
  • Tank space dedicated fuel level sight glass gauge
  • Fuel level gauge at console

All specifications and standard features are subject to change. Not all options are available on all models. Please contact SAFE Sales Department for details.



  • Various Engine/Jet Combinations
  • Engine(s) Rigging
  • Integrated Engine/Jet Control System

Configuration Options

  • Bow Cover
  • Sheer Deck
  • Electronically Actuated Drop Bow
  • Electronically Actuated Drop Transom
  • Aft Bimini Top
  • Reinforced Push Knees
  • Locker System(s)
  • SAFE XDR-2 Upgrade (lines & D-rings)
  • Topside/Cabin Paint
  • Bottom Paint
  • Tow Spool/Cover/Line
  • Interior Cabin Workstations
  • Davit/Electric Winch


  • Navigation Package(s)
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Thermal/Low Light Camera Systems
  • Loudhailer
  • AIS
  • Satellite Weather Receiver/Overlay
  • Wired/Wireless Intercom System
  • Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Detection Equipment (CBRNE)
  • Law Enforcement Lighting Strobes/Bars (blue/red/amber)
  • Searchlights
  • Upgraded Flood Lights
  • Underwater Dive Lights
  • Laptop Mounting/Docking Station(s)
  • Customer Furnished Equipment (CFE) Installation


  • Safety Kit
  • Docking Kit
  • Anchor Kit
  • Personnel Flotation Device(s) (PFD)


  • Wire Label Package/Diagram(s)
  • Drawing Package(s)
  • Operator/Repair Manual(s)


  • Dive Staging Area
  • Dive Ladder(s)
  • Dive Tank Storage/Holders
  • Dive Light Mast
  • Tow Light Mast
  • Gun Locks/Locker(s)
  • Fresh/Raw Water Washdown
  • Fire Fighting Pump/Engine Systems

All specifications and standard features are subject to change. Not all options are available on all models. Please contact SAFE Sales Department for details.