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Why Choose SAFE

Combat-inspired engineering, proven mission performance


At SAFE Boats, we provide our customers with design concepts and engineering innovations inspired by lessons learned in thousands of real world, combat, law enforcement and first-responder operations. We build boats that empower men and women in uniform to excel at their jobs while keeping them safe.

  • We understand customer needs. The SAFE team has diverse backgrounds in the marine industry, military, law enforcement and homeland security. This extensive field experience means we understand the challenges crews face.
  • Every project has a dedicated team. Significant and frequent interaction between our project managers and our customers during the build process ensure that our boats are delivered on time, on budget and to spec.
  • Quality controls permeate every level of the manufacturing process. We build critical components such as fuel tanks in-house to maintain quality control. Computerized systems allow for continuous checks throughout the build process. What’s more, our QA program includes extensive on-water testing prior to delivery. The result: highly reliable vessels that perform as specified, meet the standards of individual organizations, and exceed expectations of their crews.


On the Floor

From its people to its processes, SAFE Boats has the best. We employ highly qualified experts to build our boats, and we equip these professionals with the latest manufacturing tools and technology to get the job done–on time and to specification.

  • SAFE designs vessels for a long life of rigorous field use. We use the highest quality materials available, including a higher aluminum grade for the hull and unmatched foam quality for the collar. But we don’t stop there. It’s not just the highest-grade aluminum. It’s the highest-grade aluminum employed in highly innovative ways that gives our boats their maneuvering prowess, stability and speed.
  • We collaborate with key vendors in the design phase to incorporate features into the boat build process. Thorough integration of equipment in key areas (such as navigation, communications, seating, doors and windows, engines and more) into the design of the boat results in a safer and more comfortable crew.
  • Our agile manufacturing process enables us to incorporate customer input so that vessels continue to improve year over year in subtle but meaningful ways. Examples of this include entryway widths, stowage areas for gunlocks, generator adjustments to accommodate extreme temperatures, ergonomic seating, and windshields that can be raised and lowered.


In the Field

Crews love their SAFE Boats. Extensive feedback from professionals in the field confirms SAFE’s reputation for building tough, reliable vessels that are comfortable to be in for long periods of time, are intuitive to operate, and that make their jobs easier.

  • SAFE’s highly reliable vessels stand up to 24/7 rigorous use. Our boats combine speed, handling, safety and stability—they’re both fast and maneuverable, a critical combination in most scenarios. 
  • If unforeseen circumstances (enemy fire, weather, etc.) occur, SAFE’s design and engineering features ensure the survivability of the crew and enable them to continue to perform their jobs. In the event of a catastrophic hull breach, the foam collar stabilizes the boat.
  • There have been no hull failures in more than 5 million hours of cumulative boat operation.
  • All boats are designed for the mission specified while maximizing performance, emphasizing crew safety and offering features that enhance crew comfort.
  • Ergonomic features on our vessels reduce crew fatigue in active, extended use scenarios, helping them maintain concentration on the mission at hand.
  • Innovations include standard shock mitigating seating, anti-fatigue matting, and a helm design that comfortably accommodates operators of different sizes.


For the Long Haul

SAFE’s commitment doesn’t end at the sale. We offer training programs on all of our vessels, as well as warranty and service support. And, because we build it right from the start, our customers incur fewer costs in replacement and maintenance.

  • We want your SAFE vessel out on the water. If you have an issue, contact us. Outstanding warranty support is available 24/7 around the globe.
  • Our ”plug in“ components reduce the time needed to make repairs and perform routine maintenance. Additionally, SAFE is the sole manufacturer and source for its patented collar system, which we designed for quick custom replacement.
  • Our comprehensive engineering documentation back-up system allows for parts to be available for timely replacement, regardless of how “custom” a boat is built. We can also replicate exact parts when needed. Additionally, maintenance/operating manuals and diagrams are available for all boats produced.
  • SAFE Boats offers standard and custom-built training packages from individual to the unit level, for all boat lines and models.
  • All training programs are available internationally and can include training for counter-piracy, high-value asset and personnel protection, general operator training, maintenance training, and search and rescue (SAR). Training and documentation are available in multiple languages.
  • Training classes can be completed at SAFE facilities or at a customer’s location.
  • Our experienced training staff has a diverse background operating and training in the maritime environment.
  • From 2005 to present, SAFE has trained 69 US Agencies, 29 different countries, and 2,223 students, with 1,206 total days of training. What’s more, SAFE vessels are trusted by and used in third-party training programs (i.e. FLETC), demonstrating how straightforward SAFE vessels are to learn to operate.