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Service and support you can count on

SAFE’s Service and Warranty department is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable technicians and logisticians in the business. Beyond that, we have longstanding relationships with OEMs and staff our own OEM-certified experts. These unique ties and our extensive product knowledge enable us to extend our support far beyond what you might expect from a boat manufacturer.

Our engineering documentation process enables us to make all parts available for timely replacement, no matter how custom a boat was when initially built. We can replicate and deliver all parts, including OEM components as well as parts manufactured by SAFE. 

Available service and repairs range from non-skid and collar replacement, repowering, seating and electronics upgrades and superstructure renovations. We offer site surveys and inspections as well as maintenance training programs. And not just for SAFE Boats. Services are available regardless of boat manufacturer. As a convenience, we can perform services and repairs at our facilities in Bremerton or we can come to you.


Our web-form is currently not operational; please email the Service/Parts/Warranty Department with your service requests.