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The SAFE Boats Story

Inspired by the rough waters and rocky shores of the Puget Sound, we wanted to completely rethink boat design from the human experience because the most stressful part about a boat, is actually being on the boat.

What if it gets really rough out? Will my crew and passengers be comfortable? What about captain and crew fatigue from wave impact? What if it breaks down? What if we hit debris in the water? What’s that noise? How easy will it be to fix?

Ultimately, we wanted to ensure that any boat we built would take the beating of the water, protecting our operators.

So, we started inventing custom designs and supporting technology like our industry-leading and patented foam collar for impact and floatation. We created sound-dampening hull designs for reduced acoustics and noise pollution in the cabin. We developed performance fin technology to allow our boats to corner tighter at high speeds for maximum maneuverability. We optimized our V-shaped hull and deadrise combination that allows our patrol boat models to slice through rough water with minimal impact. And, we were early adopters of proven new technology like shock-mitigating seating to reduce operator fatigue and impact.

This simple philosophy from our little boutique shop earned us a reputation for building the safest, toughest, and most confident-handling boats around the Sound.

Boat Models

Every SAFE Boat starts with a hull designed to displace kinetic energy while under way. Aluminum has several distinct advantages over fiberglass, from less day-to-day maintenance to ease of repair. Our hulls are constructed from marine-grade 5086 aluminum and are designed with performance and integrity top of mind.

Center Console

Standard lengths (LOA): 23ft (7m); 25ft (7.6m); 29′-4″ (8.9m); 31′-4″ (9.6m); 37′-3″ (11.4m)

The SAFE Center Console design allows for enhanced visibility and maximized deck space for crew movement, storage, equipment, and customizable locker configurations. Center Console vessels are strong, fast, durable and highly maneuverable. Lengths range from 23 to over 35 feet, enabling a wide variety of mission applications including response, law enforcement, research, search & rescue, and dive ops.

Full Cabin

Standard lengths (LOA): 25ft (7.6m); 29′-4″ (8.9m); 31′-4″ (9.6m); 35′-3″ (10.7m); 39′-2″ (11.9m)

The SAFE Full Cabin is an outboard-driven vessel used by the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and a multitude of other agencies in the U.S. and worldwide. It is a proven platform for patrols, response, port security, law enforcement as well as search and rescue (SAR) in nearly any mission environment. The fully enclosed cabin can be climate controlled with optional generator, A/C and diesel heater.

Full Cabin - Inboard

Standard lengths (LOA): 39′-3″ (12m); 43′-10″ (13.4m); 66′-6″ (20.3m)

The SAFE Full Cabin – Inboard is our diesel jet boat. It features a wide beam design for solid performance in heavy seas, and a spacious, climate-controlled (optional) cabin for crew comfort and safety. The Full Cabin – Inboard’s design makes it capable of conducting patrols and search and rescue (SAR) operations not only in calmer, shallower seas, but also in offshore and big surf conditions. The hull design enables it to perform like a much smaller, traditionally more maneuverable platform.

Special Purpose - EMT

Standard length (LOA): 33′-4″ (10.2m)

The Special Purpose – Emergency Medical Transport features an elongated full cabin (optional climate controlled), actuated drop bow, opening face door and secure benches for two patients in full stokes litters. This configuration allows for stokes litters to be removed safely from the water and out of the elements, as well as off the bow of the boat and into a waiting ambulance. The bow design, wide swinging cabin door, ample front deck space and abundant storage also make it an excellent choice for dive ops.

Walk Around Cabin

Standard lengths (LOA): 29′-4″ (8.9m); 31′-4″ (9.5m)

The outboard-driven Walk Around Cabin (WAC) combines the crew comfort benefits of the SAFE Full Cabin with the increased deck space of a Center Console. The fully enclosed, climate-controlled (optional) cabin allows crews protection from the elements while ergonomically allowing for “walking around” the cabin while still on deck. This is the most budget-friendly option for a climate-controlled cabin. Fast, strong and highly maneuverable, the Walk Around Cabin is a proven platform for response, law enforcement and search and rescue (SAR), with minimal crew required for operation.


Standard lengths (LOA): 39ft (12m) to 85ft (26m)

The military requires a distinctive set of vessels that do not fall within the confines of a SAFE standard boat line. SAFE offers these configurations and others to meet unique mission requirements of our customers. Riverine boats are vessels specifically designed to operate in littoral and shallow water environments. SAFE’s riverine platforms are well known for their survivability and shallow draft capabilities, all while maintaining excellent maneuverability.


Standard lengths (LOA): 35′-3″ (10.7m); 41′-1″ (12.5m)

The SAFE Interceptor line offers a high-speed interdiction vessel with a mission-proven hull design and can offer an exclusive track mounting system which allows the operator to rapidly configure the aft deck to accommodate a variety of seating and mission-specific payloads. The Interceptor can operate at top speeds in the harshest seas and features an open T-Top design to maximize visibility at all angles.

Stormer Workboats

Model lines available: Porter, Rescue & Harbour

SAFE Boats is proud to partner with Stormer Marine BV in bringing their line of proven workboats to the US market from the Netherlands. The range includes center console and full cabin workboats in a variety of propulsion options. Vessel configurations can be modified with features such as push knees, bollards, winches, pumps, and other specialized equipment. SAFE Boats and Stormer Marine share a mission and culture dedicated to delivering tailor-made vessels that meet their customers’ specific applications.

World-class Manufacturing

From its people to its processes, SAFE Boats has the best. We employ highly qualified experts to build our boats and we equip these professionals with the latest manufacturing tools and technology to get the job done--on time and to specification.
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Service & Support

SAFE’s Service and Warranty department is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable technicians and logisticians in the business. In addition, we have longstanding relationships with OEMs as well as our own OEM-certified experts. These unique ties and our extensive product knowledge enable us to extend our support far beyond what you might expect from a boat manufacturer.
SAFE Boat’s warranty provides direct access to a support group of highly trained experts to meet all our customers’ service and warranty needs. Our boats come with an industry-leading warranty on all major structures and systems which includes OEM system and component support.
We are dedicated to ensuring your organization and personnel are better  equipped and trained in order to safely and successfully complete the mission.

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