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Stormer Porter 90/Jet

Proven designs inspired by real-world workboat operations

The Stormer Marine range of vessels includes center console and full cabin workboats in a variety of propulsion options. Vessel configurations can be modified with features such as push knees, bollards, winches, pumps, and other specialized equipment.

SAFE Boats is proud to partner with Stormer Marine BV in bringing their line of proven workboats to the US market from the Netherlands.

Porter Standard Models

Rescue Standard Models

Harbour Standard Models

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  • Length Overall (LOA) (Feet): 30.8
  • Length Overall (Meters): 9.4
  • Beam (Feet): 11.98
  • Beam (Meters): 3.65
  • Draft (Feet): 3.12
  • Draft (Meters): 0.95
  • Displacement DWL: 5.2 tons
  • Speed: 30 knots
  • Bollard Pull: 1.5 tons
  • Engine: twin Yanmar 4LV230
  • Propulsion: twin Hamiton HJ241
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallons): 132
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters): 500
  • Crew: 2 + 4 persons