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Since 1996 SAFE Boats has been innovating in the maritime field.

Bremerton, WA – SAFE Boats International, LLC, a leading provider of high-quality, aluminum-hulled boats to first responders, government and military customers worldwide, is launching a new visual brand identity as the company positions itself for continued growth and expansion into new markets. This brand evolution solidifies the company’s stance as the manufacturer of the most resilient boats while providing concierge level customer service and support.

SAFE Boats’ rebranding is the culmination of a comprehensive strategic initiative, with a focus on servicing customers’ needs while continuing to provide the highest quality vessels. During the months-long process, SAFE Boats reviewed its current position in the market, assessed existing product lines, examined company culture, and looked forward at new and emerging growth markets. The result is not just a new look, but a robust strategic plan to support the company for years to come. Effective January 2021 customers will begin to see the new look, closely followed by new product introductions and a refined effort toward personalized service for our customers.

As SAFE Boats looks toward the future, the rebranding initiative represents several key components of the company’s strategy: differentiating itself in the marketplace, maintaining the superior craftsmanship for which it’s known, and placing the customer first by ensuring convenience and service.

This new identity ushers in a forward-thinking approach to innovation and growth while honoring the traditions of confidence, craftsmanship and customer service that have made SAFE Boats a success for over two decades.     

The new SAFE Boats logo is modern and sleek and evokes the sense of a fast boat on the water. The new website ( is also more modern and streamlined to allow users to explore all of the options, craftsmanship, and customer care available. The new colors represent blue water, signal orange and storm gray. You may see different configurations or colors of the logo, but it will always represent Confidence. 

“SAFE Boats is, first and foremost, a customer-focused boat builder. We are proud of that heritage and appreciate that our customers have come to rely on us for consistently delivering vessels that exceed their expectations and allow them to do their job safely and with confidence,” remarked Richard Schwarz, CEO. “For our Team Members, it is a distinct honor to know the boats they build help save lives and keep people safe. Our new branding expresses our commitment to delivering on the promise we make for operators to feel ‘Confident in the Storm’ and provide our customers with the craftsmanship and service they have come to expect.” 


SAFE Boats International is a leading supplier of purpose-built, well-crafted aluminum boats for first responders and militaries as well as research/private use. SAFE Boats are trusted by state and federal agencies and municipalities big and small and can be found in use all over the world and in nearly every state in the U.S. The quality of SAFE Boats’ engineering, design, and manufacturing has delivered millions of hours on the water with no hull failures. This achievement has earned SAFE Boats the reputation as a “career boat” – an operator can quite easily retire from the same boat they start on – a testament to the craftsmanship, reliability and ruggedness of every SAFE Boat.

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