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riverine patrol boat / RIVERINE COMMAND BOAT
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SAFE Boats has designed and built over 125 vessels for the United States Navy. Each boat is built to a multifaceted, complex set of specifications calculated for the specific mission requirement.

Mobile Security Force – Oswald Class (MSF)

The Mobile Security Force (MSF) boats, affectionately known as the “Oswald Class” dedicated in the memory of Commander Pete Oswald, are C-130 transportable, rapidly deployed, high-speed security vessels used for the mission-critical protection of the U.S. Navy fleet domestically and abroad.

Fleet Survey Team

The Fleet Survey Team (FST) boats are tasked with the expeditionary survey of littoral, regional hydrography used for the safe plotting of naval routes for the U.S. Navy Fleet.

Force Protection Medium (FP-M)

The mission of the Force Protection-Medium patrol craft is to provide U.S. Navy installation security forces a waterborne platform to deter, detect and defend personnel and assets against hostile action through physical security patrols, law enforcement and installation access control at US Navy installations throughout the United States and around the world.  This includes (but is not limited to) conducting harbor/perimeter patrol, interdiction of unauthorized vessel traffic, protection of critical maritime infrastructure, dive operations support and high-value vessel escort.

Riverine Command Boat

The Riverine Command Boat (RCB) is a fully enclosed platform designed to conduct command and control, tactical mobility and fire support operations in hostile riverine and littoral (near-shore) environments. The RCB is powered by twin diesel engines mated to water jets and equipped with key features that include an insertion and extraction bow door, reconfigurable mission space, manned/unmanned weapon mounts, chemical weapons air filtration system and optional armor. These design features combined with sea, air and land transportability make the RCB a one-of-a-kind multi-mission platform.

Riverine Patrol Boat

The Riverine Patrol Boat (RPB) is an advanced multi-mission platform that delivers significant capabilities in austere shallow water settings. It is designed to provide tactical mobility and fire support in hostile riverine and near-shore (littoral) environments. The combat-proven RPB is comprised of a shallow draft hull, twin inboard diesel engines, water jets, actuated bow door, machine gun mounts and optional armor. The RPB is ship-to-shore capable and transportable by fixed wing, rotary wing, and prime mover.

Secondary missions of the RPB include logistics/resupply, waterborne security operations, command and control, reconnaissance, medevac, counter-drug operations, humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping and noncombatant evacuation operations.

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